Biography of Elder Levi V. Stitt

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Elder Levi V. Stitt was a major landmark-placer for Faith Temple, for it was he who oversaw the building of our present edifice in 1953. It was he who set a standard of Holiness for not only the youth of Faith Temple; but, as President of the State Y.P.W.W. Youth Congress since 1938, for the youth of the State as well. It was he who taught us all that: “If you pray you can stay, and if you fast you can last”; “It’s Holiness or Hell”; “Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye servants…” Not only did he preach these axioms, but he lived them daily before us, setting an example of Holiness we will never forget!

Elder Stitt was born to Moses and Norcissis Stitt in Morrillton, Arkansas. He moved to Kansas City, Kansas and later met and married Willa Belle Stuckey, a union which lasted almost 50 years. After pasturing in Chillicothe, Missouri, Chanute, and Independence, he became the pastor of Faith Temple in 1948. He held many national church positions, and is best known as the National Postmaster in Memphis, Tennessee during the National Assembly Convocation in November, where he served for 30 years.

Pastor Stitt became ill following the National Convocation in November of 1972, and passed on January 27, 1973. This was a hard blow for his family, Faith Temple, the State, and the National Church. He was a man well-respected in his community as well, and our loss was mourned by many. Yet, beyond the tears, we had reason for joy and hope; for we had been privileged, chosen, to be led and taught and loved by one of the Great Men of God - none other than our own, Beloved Pastor Levi V. Stitt. For this experience, we are thankful; and for the memory of Elder Stitt, we are blessed!