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Africa Project

August 2004

With Faith Temple and New Life Fellowship

  Mother Daniels, Coordinator (Topeka)


  Beverly Craig, Former Coordinator (Topeka)


On our May 2004 visit to Cameroon, Africa, Bishop Ronald K. Lassiter and Lady Sandra Lassiter were visiting his sister Marcia Oshinaike in Duoala Cameroon. It was that trip that Bishop Ronald K. Lassiter and Lady Sandra Lassiter felt the need to meet a need.

In their visit with Marcia Oshinaike they found out that she is the Diplomat to Cameroon and became the “Africa Project” coordinator.

Upon our return home we coordinated the “Africa Project” to send school supplies back to the village of Bulessing Primaryand Secondary Schools in West Provine Cameroon (Principal Mr. Michel Ngoumrnou).

This trip created the Africa Project.

Bulessing’s- Primary and Secondary Schools received over 1,000 supplies.



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